Glocodes ( Global Community Deals) was started to generate new business for small and medium size brick and mortar, businesses throughout the world while also saving Consumers millions of dollars every day. Businesses with a physical presence.

We’ve developed a Soft Search Mobile Phone Platform that provides business owners an invaluable opportunity to advertise and promote their products or services directly to pedestrians and commuters almost instantly.

Using GPS tracking, we allow pedestrians and commuters to almost instantly identify a business on their cell phone, within 1-3 clicks and access the products or services that business may have on sale. Now, potential customers have the opportunity to immediately walk into your place of business to secure the purchase.

We are a company you can trust, believe in have confidence in and a company who will demonstrate how great of a fit we are to your objectives and sales goals.

As merchants offer our Glocodes daily, or consumers redeem them daily, you will perceive the difference in our way of satisfying your goals and objectives.

You will like our Customer Service, notice that we provide fair and affordable pricing and feel comfortable with the fact that our objectives are saving you money or generating new customers for your business.

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